In Fiscal Year 2015, we worked with people in all of our varied communities to provide much needed services to people of all ages!


Early Childhood and School-Age 365

  • 73% of the families we serve are low income or working poor
  • We serve 424 children ages 6 months to 12 years old
  • 39% of our children come from single-parent homes
  • 80 children receive tutoring and homework help through our School-Age 365 program each year


Teen Leadership

  • We employ 45 teens as Ruckus Entrepreneurs
  • The teens in our Teen Leadership programs represent 34 different high schools throughout Chicagoland
  • 84% of the teens we serve come from low-income households
  • We serve 120 teens through enrichment classes at CPS school Carl Von Linne
  • We served 210 teens ages 13-18 in our Teen Leadership programs
  • Our teens boast a 100% high school graduation rate


Seniors Wellness

  • 57 seniors participate in our Senior Wellness program
  • We provide 82 free of charge yoga and tai-chi classes as part of our Senior Fitness program
  • Each year we provide nearly 1,000 free and nutritious meals to seniors


Adult Enrichment

  • 90 students learn English as a Second Language (ESL) through the free classes we offer in partnership with Truman College
  • 15% of ESL students are also served by other Concordia Place programs
  • Each year we host 6 intergenerational community events where all our neighbors can gather, learn and grow
  • More than 410 community members participate in our intergenerational events


Donors and Volunteers

  • Our growing volunteer program has more than 200 volunteers giving more than 2,286 total hours
  • 15% of our funding that comes from generous individuals, foundations and corporations