Now more than 35 years later, Concordia Place has expanded from serving 12 children, to providing education, enrichment, and wellness services to 800 children, teens, and seniors at our two Chicago Concordia Place locations.

With Concordia Place, parents at all economic levels go to work confident that their young children are preparing for a life of learning. Teens become confident leaders through hands-on experiences. Adults and seniors can be independent through senior wellness, adult learning and volunteer transportation support. A sliding tuition scale ensures that all families have access to quality programs, regardless of income.



Concordia Place is a vibrant nonprofit providing proactive solutions to key social needs. Our focus is growth and opportunity through economically inclusive early childhood, teen leadership and senior wellness programs. While we are diverse, we are united by our mission to create involved communities where all our neighbors can gather, learn and grow.



Through a strategy focused on GENERATE, REPLICATE, ADVOCATE, and COLLABORATE, Concordia Place will increase our impact on the education, care, and opportunity for young children, teens, and their families.

We will accomplish this by generating resources to support growth in all our programs, advocating for those whose voices struggle to be heard, collaborating with our partners to deliver programming in innovating and efficient ways, and replicating our model in areas of need throughout Chicago.