Emerging Entrepreneurs

12 - 18 years old

Middle and high school students in grades 6–12 engage in hands-on service learning projects that teaches them small business skills including: research and development, production, packaging, marketing, sales, and accounting—without going outside of school.

All sessions integrate opportunities for students to develop core social, emotional, and cognitive skills that drive academic, career, and personal achievement.

Entrepreneurship 101

Students engage in a hands-on entrepreneurial project where they handcraft and sell a natural lip balm as a school fundraising item. Students choose a lip balm formula, scent profile, product name, and visual branding. Then production begins!

The session includes topics on basic finance, marketing, and sales, which the students put into practice as they sell the custom-branded products to benefit the school-related cause they choose. 

Advanced Entrepreneurship 102

Product expansion provides additional real-life experience with the market research, product production, finance, packaging, and sales skills established in 101. In this mid-level course, group project options include body care products, such as shea balms, deodorants, or face masks, for the group to create and sell a market-ready product.

Masters Entrepreneurship 303

Students that have mastered the art of body care production in 101 and 202 are ready for broader decision-making capabilities. In this high-level course, students learn the importance of polling the market and experience test markets. In addition to the group’s body care product making and selling, students also develop individual ideas and business plans for where they might see their future.

Benefits to Schools

Schools benefit not only from engaged students learning life skills, but also from the products that students produce and sell to fundraise for their school. By choosing a school need and setting a goal in this program, the teens’ voice and choice are incorporated at every step.

Additionally, the school community experiences lasting impact through family engagement and feedback regarding the growth of their students, thereby promoting school morale and student body solidarity. 

Joining Concordia Place tested my sense of responsibility, commitment, and leadership. I could see myself growing. I see myself growing as a leader, as a worker, a friend, and most importantly, as a person.

Valery, a Concordia Place Teen

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