Culinary Leaders

14 - 18 years

Through this after-school and summer program, teens plant, maintain, and harvest produce from their own garden. They use their produce to learn the fundamentals of nutrition and cook healthy meals together. Teens build leadership, collaboration and conflict resolution skills through participation in ecological, nutritional, culinary, artistic, and civic-minded activities.  

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In our two teen-developed and -maintained gardens, teens engage in preparing beds for planting and how to sustain a healthy garden.

Composting and recycling are fundamental parts of our ecology curriculum. These actions instill in teens a sense of responsible citizenship and connect them to a variety of issues in their community and planet.

Nutrition & Culinary Skills

We encourage teens to take control of their health through knowledge and action. Teens develop hands-on experience with meal planning and learn cooking skills. We also introduce new and healthy food choices to incorporate into their diet and food preparation. By sharing their knowledge our teens also educate families, youth and neighbors on health and nutrition.


Our program gives teens the opportunity to learn a variety of positive mental and physical health modalities. Through sports activities and peace circles, teens learn conflict resolution techniques and stress management skills. Teens learn to talk about relevant issues in small and large groups which are safe from judgement and help them to formulate their views and priorities.

I look forward to going to the program every day so I can learn how to make new recipes, how to garden, and eat foods I've never tried.

a Concordia Place teen

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