At Concordia Place, parents are part of our family. We love when our parents are informed and get involved. There are many different ways to participate!

Be Part of the Parents Matters Committee

Are you interested in becoming more involved with Concordia Place and your child’s classroom? Consider joining the Parents Matters committee. We are looking to recruit Parent Representatives from each classroom. This role includes keeping the parents in your child’s classroom up-to-date on the latest Concordia news and events, participating in those events, and being a strong ambassador for our mission.

One of our committee members shares her thoughts on why she joined:

“Being on the Parents Matter committee gives me a chance to talk to other parents and the Concordia Place staff beyond the quick exchanges we're able to have when I'm in the middle of drop-off or pickup. Having met some parents on the committee means that I always have people to talk to at Concordia events or when I do have a spare minute to chat on a weekday. And having gotten to know the staff better means that it's easy to ask questions or make suggestions when something's on my mind.

I like having a chance to share my perspective on what's going on at Concordia, and I'm happy to contribute to events that help support the organization. I believe that one of the resources Concordia needs the most is a community of families who are engaged in sharing opinions and making decisions. I encourage more parents to join the committee to help make sure that the program continues to serve all families' needs, to represent our values, and to fulfill our hopes for our kids.”

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in learning more about the Committee.


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Our Concordia Place parent manuals are also available for download.

Early Learning & Preschool Manual:    English    Spanish

School-Age 365 Manual:    English    Spanish

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