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A relationship and research-based curriculum

Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, Parents as Teachers supports the home visitor to meet the real needs of children and families. Using age appropriate activities and resources for parents, our home visitor provides individualized lesson plans tailored to families.


Tracking your child’s development goals

Every six months our home visitor and families create goals together. Every four months, the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) are conducted with families. Our home visitor and parents do this screening together to look at different areas of your child’s development.

Our Home Visiting program is…

  • Friendly: one-on-one meetings with you, your child, and an early childhood development expert
  • Convenient: meet in your home or a convenient spot nearby
  • Frequent: twice a month meetings are important when your child is young and rapidly developing
  • Educational: get ideas to create learning opportunities for your child in your home
  • Personalized: devoted time for your questions, such as breastfeeding, potty training, and specific ways for best prepare your child for learning and school
  • Social: share experiences with other parents during monthly parent groups
  • Free! for qualified families

Income Qualification Sheet

A Typical Visit

Our home visitor calls one of the parents for their visit. We get started by checking in on how things have been going since the last visit.

Home visitor asks about the activities that were provided that month. For example, a shape matching game with velcro, then a small art project like coloring with crayons or paint. The home visitor models and works with the child and with the activities.

The home visitor then shares her screen so they can read books together. The books vary depending on the child’s interest. At the end of the visit, we sing a good-bye song.

The home visitor asks the family if they need any supplies, like diapers, formula, etc. If so, we connect them to resources.

Home Visitor: Griselda Ramirez

As Home Visitor, Griselda provides hands-on, in-home support to expectant mothers, young children, and their parents. By providing resources and guidance, she honors parents as their child’s first teacher.

Born and raised in Chicago, Griselda comes to Concordia with over seven years of experience working with families.  Most recently, Griselda served as a home visitor at other Chicago social service organizations.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

When she’s not at work supporting children and families, Griselda plays soccer in girls’ and co-ed teams.  She enjoys spending time with her cat and son.

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