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GO Fund

Concordia Place GO Fund

The Need

There is a severe shortage of child care services in Illinois. Two thirds of children under two years old in Illinois do not have access to early learning.*

Compound that with the fact that 56% of the children at Concordia Place in 2015 were in homes earning less than $45,000 a year, and of these families more than half earned less than $15,500 a year.

*2011 Early Care and Education in Illinois report by IFF

Our Strategy

Concordia Place created Concordia Day as a proactive solution in response to:

  1. An unmet need for child care for Illinois children under the age of two.
  2. An extremely volatile economic climate for Illinois social service organizations.

Concordia Day leverages 35 years of child care experience to serve approximately 150 more infants, toddlers and two year olds through three new early care and education centers by 2020.

Operating as a social enterprise, proceeds from Concordia Day support the high-impact, multigenerational programs of Concordia Place that serve nearly 1,000 children, teens, adults and seniors.

“In today’s economic climate, nonprofit organizations are seeking means to generate additional income to supplant a declining economic stream of traditional revenue. Social enterprise activities offer nonprofit organizations the opportunity to generate earned income which in turn will provide consistent cash flow to further the mission of the organization.”

– a 2010 joint report by the National Executive Service Corps and University of New York

Funding – from Concordia Day, to the GO Fund, to Concordia Place

Making it Happen

Our funding strategy for the launch and start up of three centers is a combination of Concordia equity, debt, and a capital campaign. With the campaign, our goal is to raise $1,805,000 to FUND current Concordia Place operations, FUEL our mission expansion and create the Growth and Opportunity (GO) Fund.

With a Blended Campaign your gift makes a difference in our mission today and continues to change lives because your gift also supports the creation of our social enterprise, Concordia Day.

The GO Fund Blended Campaign

Each gift supports Concordia Place and the Concordia Day project

Blended campaign model

Get GO-ing!

  • Make a 3-year pledge
  • Give a one-time donation
  • Transfer a gift of stock
  • Provide volunteer leadership
  • Open doors to potential donors
  • Host a fundraising event
  • Tell your friends