Why You Should Be a Concordia Teen

My Story

I’ve been a part of Concordia since I was in 7th grade. As a recent high school graduate, that means I’ve dedicated six years to the programs they offer. I originally decided to take part in their Emerging Leaders program because I saw many of my classmates in middle school had joined. I thought it would be a fun and productive way to spend time after school. I had no clue about the great things they had in store for me.

One of the things Concordia’s programs have to offer is the fabulous people you meet and grow close to. The fear I originally had when I started in the Emerging Leaders summer program turned into an immense amount of joy, deriving from the friendships I began to develop with those around me. More and more, I was brought out of my shell by this support system of peers. Whether it was the people you wouldn’t have met anywhere else, the people you knew but didn’t talk to before, or the staff who ran the programs—they all kept me coming back. Not only did my best friendships bloom through the programs, but I also felt a second home emerge out of them. The people and the work you do together are really what have me signing up again year after year.


So Why Join?

If not for the people, join for yourself. Becoming an intern for the Ruckus Entrepreneurs program at the age of 14 tested my sense of responsibility, commitment, and leadership. It showed me at a young age my ability to dedicate my time to something and see positive results come from it. With this dedication and the increasing confidence that I started to have through this work, I could see myself growing: I was growing as a leader, as a worker, as a friend, and of course, as a person. If these programs mean anything to me, they mean growth. I grew up with them and through them. Overall, my time as an Emerging Leader and especially as a Ruckus Entrepreneur is something I will appreciate forever and recommend to all.