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My Journey as a Concordia Teen

Read the story of Concordia Teen Leadership participant Arly Avendano as she reflects on her journey at Concordia Place.

How Ruckus Entrepreneurs Changed Me

Concordia Teen Leadership programs do just that: develop leadership in local Chicago teens. Read how joining Ruckus Entrepreneurs helped Alan come out of his shell and find his voice.

What It’s Like to be a Ruckus Entrepreneur

Wonder what exactly our Ruckus Entrepreneurs do? Angel explains what a typical day, week, and session of the program entails.

Why You Should Be a Concordia Teen

On the fence about whether or not you should join Concordia's Teen Leadership programs? Valery shares what motivated her to join, what she got out of the programs, and why you should take the plunge.

How Ruckus Entrepreneurs Shaped My Life Plans

Did you know that all Concordia Teens have plans after high school? In his blog post, Joshua shares how his participation in Ruckus Entrepreneurs shaped his college and career plans.