Paige Waterous

Family Support Specialist


Paige started at Concordia Place in 2012 as an Early Learning Teacher. She later joined the leadership team at Concordia on Whipple as the Family Support Specialist after receiving her Master’s in Social Work. Working with children and families has always been a passion of hers. She strives to advocate for families and provide them with the resources they need to grow and be successful!

Articles by Paige

Developing Early Math Skills

Learning math doesn't have to take place through worksheets or flashcards! Play is an important part of math learning.

What is Messy Play?

Messy play includes types of play that incorporate many textural experiences, such as touch, sound, and smell.

Potty Training

Is your child ready to start potty training? Learn the signs to look out for and tips on how to start!

Transitioning into School at Concordia

Here are five simple tips to help your child get excited and ready to start school at Concordia! Remember that our team is always here to support you and make this transition as smooth as possible.