@Home for Concordia

In the past, you may have attended the “GO Gala” or A Taste for All.” This year, in lieu of an event, we are announcing “@Home for Concordia.” Don’t get dressed up. Don’t hire a baby sitter. Don’t look for parking or ride share. There isn’t even a date! It’s a “No Go” Gala! Just stay “@Home for Concordia.”    

While it may sound cliché, it  couldn’t  be more true:  Now more than ever,  we  need your support.  

The COVID pandemic has hit working families hard – particularly those that are in hourly positions that do not accommodate working remotely.

Concordia needs to be there for our children and families. Concordia Early Childhood programs are in-person with rigorous health and safety protocols. School-Age 365 now has full-day, in-person e-learning support for children of working parents. Teen Leadership instructors engage with teens virtually across Chicago at a time when relationships and connections are so vital.  

But this requires additional: 

  • Thermometers, disinfectants, cleaners, and hand sanitizers 
  • Personal protection equipment (face coverings, shoe coverings, and gloves) 
  • Janitorial services 
  • Staff time for new duties, such as temperature checks multiple times a day 
  • Substitute teachers for sick time or days off 

This adds up to more than $50,000 a year; $12,000 a month in extra personnel and $1,400 a week for supplies. For our children’s programs, this breaks down  to $150 per child a  year. 

Won’t you join us @Home for Concordia and help continue the growth and opportunity for hundreds of young children, youth, teens and their familiesall from the comfort of your home.

Sponsorship Options 

Sponsorship opportunities include social media posts and recognition on our webpage. Please contact Katie Bernabei at kbernabei@concordiaplace.org to coordinate.