About us

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Our Mission

Concordia Place is a vibrant nonprofit providing proactive solutions to key social needs. Our focus is growth and opportunity through economically inclusive early childhood, teen leadership and adult programs. While we are diverse, we are united by our mission to create involved communities where all our neighbors can gather, learn and grow.

Our Vision

Through a strategy focused on GENERATE, REPLICATE, ADVOCATE, and COLLABORATE, Concordia Place will increase our impact on the education, care, and opportunity for young children, teens, and their families.

We will accomplish this by generating resources to support growth in all our programs, advocating for those whose voices struggle to be heard, collaborating with our partners to deliver programming in innovating and efficient ways, and replicating our model in areas of need throughout Chicago.


Concordia Lutheran Church responds to the request of 3 single mothers and creates a child care center to provide after school care for 12 children ages 6 to 12 years old


Concordia adds a preschool for children ages 3 to 5 years old


NAEYC accreditation helps grow enrollment to almost 100


Concordia opens its second center and serves all ages – infants, young children, teens, adults and seniors


Enrollment across programs grows to over 300


Teen Leadership offers paid internships so teenagers build skills and real work experience


Concordia Day launches to address the shortage of child care and support the Concordia Place mission

Across all programs, Concordia serves 800 people each year

Our history

What started as a small community program out of a church basement has grown to a multi-generational organization that serves 800 young children, teens, adults and seniors each year. Here are a few of our important milestones on our journey.

Faith in Action

We put our faith into action through service to all our neighbors, instilling in them a sense of community, purpose, and possibility. Rooted in the Gospel message of God’s grace for all people, we are inspired to share our gifts. Our faith is a lens through which we view and evaluate all our actions.

A Place of Yes

At our core is a “Yes” mindset. This attitude drives us to meet growing and changing needs with innovative solutions. We find resources, turn possibilities into realities, and remain fresh and cutting edge.

A Place for All

We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. We seek the common threads that bind us together as community, rather than differences that could divide us. We proactively meet the needs of those we serve by making our programs open and affordable for all.

A Place of One

As Concordia Place grows and expands, opening new programs and locations in new communities, we operate cohesively as one organization. Though we come from different faiths, backgrounds and cultures, we are a team, a family, united by our mission and vision.

A Place of Excellence

Excellence is a hallmark of who we are and is integral in everything we do, from program design to environment to everyday operations. We value leadership, results, and accountability. We leverage partnerships to achieve more than what is possible alone.

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